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Epitome Foundations

A high-performance alternative to concrete walls

EPITOME Quality Foundation Walls are patented, revolutionary composite building solution for residential foundations. Combining strength, integrated stud cavities for mechanicals, insulation, the top plate and damp proofing into a single step, these walls also decrease construction time by two weeks and eliminate call backs for cracked foundations. They provide a warmer, drier and more energy-efficient, ready-to-finish basement that will delight homeowners.


  • Withstands six times a sand backfill load and can be installed in any soil suitable for backfilling.
  • Each 24' of EPITOME Quality Foundation Walls withstands greater than 500,000 pounds of downforce providing a max allowable load of 8900 PLF.
  • Surpasses all structural requirements and fire codes including Room Corner Burn Test/NFPA 286.

Easy Installation

  • Installation is simple with minimal training required for skilled construction personnel.
  • Customized and engineered to your specifications and delivered to the job site in one trip.
  • No additional fabrication is required. Able to be installed in less than two hours.


  • Better energy efficiency with inherent R-16.5 insulation value increases to over R-30 with batt insulation installment in stud cavity.
  • Water- and fire-resistant environments.
  • Warmer, drier, more comfortable and healthier living spaces.
  • More usable living space than conventional concrete foundations.
  • Easily sanitized surfaces, minimal maintenance.
  • Improved flexibility for the consumer to modify or finish the basement themselves.